1. Financial Advisory
  • For listed companies and mature businesses


By focusing on quality assets and potential merger opportunities across the world, we assist listed companies or leading enterprises in horizontal, vertical, and mixed integration through customized M&A transactions as well as strategic integration services to create and enhance value.

  • For private high-quality assets

For private high-quality enterprises, we customize suitable investment and financing plans, as well as match geographic and industrial resources to help them expand the market and grow the customer base. Through combining industry with capital operation, ChiHe helps enterprises grow rapidly in China by offering various resources.

  1. Investment

InvestmentChiHe focuses on policy-supported industries, makes equity investments in private enterprises with potentials, and enhances the financial and industrial resources of small and medium-sized enterprises, to boost the real economy. We make equity investment through private equity funds. By leveraging rich investing experiences, we manage the whole process including investment, financing, integration and exit. While achieving expected returns for fund investors, we provide private enterprises with funds, policy supports, market channel and other resources, to help them expand business in right geographic areas and grow rapidly.

Our investments cover companies in all stages, including start-ups, growth stage and maturity stage. We insist on value investment, prudent investment, and leverage superior projects to achieve best returns for investors.

  1. Financing

ChiHe and our partners have rich connections with financial institutions and the other resources around the world. We provide enterprises and government platforms with flexible financing arrangements. We customize a variety of financing plans, and help enterprises raise low-cost capitals to achieve growing target.


  1. Overseas Investments

Since 2013, ChiHe has been focusing on overseas M&A targets in semiconductor, high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical devices and other industries with high domestic demands in China.

Overseas Investment

Through buy-out funds or other arrangements, we help Chinese capitals acquire overseas companies, thereby upgrade domestic technological and economic structure, and in the meanwhile help Chinese enterprises allocate asset globally. Our overseas platform, Sino-America International Investment Co., Ltd., is registered in Hong Kong, and also helps foreign companies choose appropriate routes to enter the Chinese market and land on Chinese capital market thereafter to share China’s fast growth and achieve multi-win.